Thursday, July 22, 2010

Researching Agents

How does a writer go about finding an agent. Here is a short list of sites Author Jill Corcoran compiled for the SCBWI Agent Workshop she held in Bakersfield, CA last fall in 2009:

Websites for researching Agents:

Other Blogs that might be helpful--

Check out the agent (or publisher) before you query:

Preditors and Editors:

There are lots of agent interviews, vlogs, blogs, twitters, etc all over the net. Google them and have fun researching.  You can find them on author's websites as well.

Hope this helps!

I found this information on Jill Corcoran Books' blog.

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  1. Preditors and Editors is priceless. Do you homework, send EXACTLY what an agent asks for and be sure he/she handles your kind of work. Don't think, wow, she says only romance, but my work is so good, I'm sure she'd love to rep it.
    Make sure you do your homework!