Monday, July 12, 2010

Creating a blog--and getting someone to read it!

Blogging can be daunting--how in the heck do other writers find things to write about on a regular basis?  And more importantly, how do they followers?

Well, I've been writing for awhile now.  But I hear that actually "writing" isn't enough.  I have to get my name out there.  I've learned that most unpublished and published writers have a blog.

Getting a blog is really easy.  Coming up with a design is fun.  Just make sure you create something that is unique to you--something completely your style, not someone else's. 

Through it's FREE! 

There are lots of ways to get out there, and I'm still learning.

Now, getting followers is the hard part. 

How do you get followers?

1. Follow other writers, especially ones in your genre. 

You can find other writers by becoming a member of your specific genre.  For example, I am a member of the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers.)  Also, get a writer's group together in your area can help you get local followers that way.  I've linked my email to other blogs, and find blogs through their links as well.

2. Post comments on other blogs.

Don't just post your blog URL, actually read their blog and make real comments!

3.  Advertise your blog.

Advertising on networking sites like Facebook, Twitter (twiends), MySpace, Digg and others can really get your blog out there.  When you create your own site, then you can link your blog to them.  

4.  Check out the blogging professionals. is a great website for blogging tips and helpful resources.  I found, but you have to pay $5.95/month.  They give great tips as well!

5.  Go to Writer's Conferences and hand out your business card with your blog URL on it.

Going to conferences is a great way to meet other writers!  I may never have become a ACFW member if I hadn't met the VP of my chapter at a conference.

Several of these tips came from a great blog,

Do you have any other tips that have worked for you?

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  1. Do the ol' "you follow me and I'll follow you!"

    Nice blog. Keep writing! :)