Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Realizing What's Important.

Over the weekend, we had my grandfather's 88th birthday party.  Before the party, I was stressed beyond belief.  Checking off my list, I was trying to make sure I had everything including enough food, drinks, etc. I had reserved the shelter house, but was worried that it wasn't big enough. Then, the morning of, I sat on the couch with my coffee to watch a Berenstain Bears cartoon with my kids. The episode was about appreciating the company you're with, not the food. How true! It touched me.  It made all my stress seem ridiculous.  I stopped stressing and the party turned out great. It's amazing how God reaches us, and gets us to realize what's important in our lives! Even if it is through a cartoon--lol!


  1. It's funny how we can learn so much through our kids, and even kids shows. Thanks for this reminder. Glad that you were able to celebrate your grandfather's BD.

  2. what a blessing to be able to share this time with family. And, of course, chocolate cake doesn't hurt either.