Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Guy Series

It's hard being a kids, as you can see. I'm misunderstood, have been since I was three!

I am currently looking for an agent/publisher for my inspirational children's book series, Good Guy. So many children's books portray only "good" characters. Meet Good Guy...He just can't seem to behave himself, no matter how hard he tries. Through this comical, inspirational, rhyming children's series, you'll find Guy running from his mommy in stores, learning sisters don't fly, trying to free animals at the zoo, and misbehaving at preschool. At the end of every book, Guy is punished by timeout. While sitting, he learns valuable lessons on his own, such as the Golden Rule, Love your Neighbor (including your sister and teacher,) and Love the Lord with all your heart, among other heart-felt important messages for preschool-age children.

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