Monday, June 28, 2010

Alternate Words for Said

Often times, when we write, we tend to overuse the word 'said.' However, I feel that writers who use other words tend to prove their inexperience. So, be careful.  Don't tell, but show! 

But if you need another word for 'said' here's what I found.

A list of alternate words for SAID in alphabetical order:

• Accepted, Acknowledged, Admitted, Agonized, Agreed, Announced, Answered, Appealed, Articulated, Asked

• Barked, Bawled, Beamed, Begged, Beckoned, Bellowed, Beseeched Blubbered, Blurted, Bossed, Breathed

• Called, Cautioned, Chimed in, Chortled, Chuckled, Comforted, Concurred, Confessed, Confided, Consoled, Continued, Countered, Cried, Cried out, Crooned, Crowed

• Declared, Demanded, Dictated, Drawled

• Emitted, Empathized, Encouraged, Entreated, Exclaimed, Explained

• Faltered, Finished, Fumed

• Gawped, Giggled, Glowered, Grieved, Grinned, Groaned, Growled, Grumbled

• Hesitated, Hollered, Howled Implored, Informed, Inquired, Insisted, Interjected, Invited, Implied

• Jabbered, Joked

• Lamented, Laughed, Lilted, Leered Mimicked, Mocked, Mourned, Murmured

• Observed, Offered, Ordered

• Pleaded, Preached, Prodded, Professed, Proposed, Protested

• Quaked, Queried, Quipped, Quivered, Quizzed

• Raged, Ranted, Rejoiced, Rejoined, Remarked, Remonstrated, Repeated, Replied, Requested, Responded, Retorted, Roared Sang out, Scoffed, Screamed, Seethed, Shrieked, Shrugged Shuddered, Sighed, Smiled, Smirked, Snapped, Sneered, Snivelled, Sobbed, Speculated, Spoke lightly, Spoke tightly, Stammered, Struggled, Suggested, Swore, Swooned, Sympathized

• Taunted, Teased, Thundered, Touted, Trembled

• Uttered

• Voiced,

• Wailed, Wept, Whispered

• Yawped, Yelled, Yelped

1 comment:

  1. Actually, "said" is almost invisible, and the words on your list aren't. It's usually best to use action instead of any of these words (including "said,"), but sometimes there seems to be no alternative. The words on your list work if used sparingly (and if they actually fit the emotion and action of the scene), but if you are stumped, "said" is usually best.

    This is my opinion, of course, but it's also one I've heard from several well-known writers.