Monday, April 18, 2011

Learning to Lean

Mildred Colvin, a talented writer from one of my ACFW critique groups, has recently published her latest book, Learning to Lean, on Amazon. Check it out!
What woman wants the Brady Bunch reruns to take over her life? For that matter, what man wants that kind of responsibility? None, right?

Heather Conway, daycare owner and widowed mother of three, has no extra money and very little faith. Where was God when her husband died, leaving her with no insurance, no income, and facing bankruptcy? Her fourteen-year-old son is getting out of control, she needs something better than their two-bedroom rental to live in, and she just bumped into a man who has her heart beating overtime. If she were sensible, she’d latch onto a childless, wealthy man who could give her the security she craves.

Matt Sanders has just moved to town with his three kids and placed them into Heather’s daycare while he gets his Jack-of-all-trades construction/repair business off the ground. He may appear to be poor, but he has more going for him than meets the eye. His admiration for Heather soon turns into love as their families intertwine through church activities and work on her daycare.
But six kids? Maybe Matt and Heather would be better off as friends. They soon find it’s hard to let go of the security they see and blindly trust God to take care of their tomorrows. Learning to lean on God can take a lifetime or maybe only a lesson in trust.

Learning to Lean is a full-length contemporary sweet romance.

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  1. Lori, thanks for posting about my new ebook. I'm very excited for this opportunity to reach new readers with my inspirational romance. Heather is like so many of us who face insecurity when life shows its ugly side. And like her, we must allow God to work in our life rather than turn from Him. This story is full of love, kids, and laughter. Just what I like to write about.